How to Gain Your Dogs Trust

If you own a dog then you always want to gain your dogs trust. Dogs and humans are able to share a special bond between them. To build a relationship the most important thing is the trust.  The dogs don’t know how to automatically start trusting someone. Therefore, you have to help your dog with it. You can try the following ways to gain a dogs trust.

To start the process you need to proceed with caution. When approaching the dog for the first time, walk slowly towards him/her. Try to make your dog acclimated to your house, if he/she is not acclimated already. Show him/her the whole house including the bedroom, living room, kitchen and other rooms of your house.

Once he/she is acclimated, you can begin the training for building the trust. First of all make sure your dog feels comfortable around you. You can include several things to gain your dogs trust. Try playing together. You can try the “cuddle”, as most of the dogs love to curl up on the coach. Beside of this you can also try playing “chase me”. If your dog responds to these events then try to give some treats as a reward.

After that, you will have to work on your dog’s attention. Try calling your dog’s name. If he/she is smart, then he/she will come and find you. You can start petting your dog. Most dogs have a “Sweet Spot” where they love to get petted on. Therefore, if you find your dog’s sweet spot, your dog will respond very easily and effectively.

Make sure that you always feed your dog on time. When you regularly feed your dog on time, it never feels hungry throughout the day. It can build up a better relationship between you and your dog. Therefore, try to maintain the same schedule every day for better results. If you observe your dog wags his/her tail, then it is a sign that he/she is friendly and apt to trust you. Finally if the dog licks you, then you have succeeded in your mission to gain your dogs trust.